The world novelty of the Westfalia TwistMeister im

The world novelty of the Westfalia TwistMeister im: world

"World first! Working in every corner"

That's what Westfalia promises with its new TwistMeister. In any case, he is a world novelty because so far there is none more mobile cordless screwdriver, Only he is as flexible as his product film presents him? How does he prove himself in practice? We will get to the bottom of these questions and can already say that the first impression is surprising.

"Reaches every corner, rotatable in all directions 360° rotatable and bendable head with 2 joints Powerful and compact."

Can the TwistMeister do more than just twist and bend its head? And what is important for many users - what does Westfalia understand by powerful and compact? Whether 7.2 Volt Li-ions are really sufficient, our test will also show.

Technical specifications


Nominal voltage:7.2V
Mass:450 g
Sound power level:50 dB (A)
Battery pack:Li-ion 0.7 Ah
Idle speed:0 - 175 min -1
Bit holder:

1/4 ", 6.35 mm

Charger:230V, 5W, 8.6V, 1A
Charging time:1 h

Meaningful packaging with a small footprint

The world novelty of the Westfalia TwistMeister im: world

Packaging closed

For a small screwdriver, which should always be at hand, a suitcase is certainly not necessary and would increase the purchase price only unnecessarily. Therefore, in this case the cardboard is absolutely sufficient.

The world novelty of the Westfalia TwistMeister im: novelty

Packaging open

However, a stable box is importantwhich does not take up more space than necessary and is well suited for permanent storage of the tool. This is absolutely given by the TwistMeister. The cardboard is sturdy and the TwistMeister as well as charger and accessories can be left to save space.

In addition, the packaging offers everything that is necessary for sale: On the box there are meaningful pictures to the function, one complete listing of accessories and all important technical data in German and English. In short - well and practically solved.

High-quality manual that sets standards

The world novelty of the Westfalia TwistMeister im: novelty

operation manual

With the name Westfalia, many people think of the catalogs with their papery leaves. So this manual has absolutely nothing in common.

High quality glossy paper with strikingly big and seer well readable font as well as a comprehensible description clearly recognizable images form the basis of a very good guide here.

In addition, the operating instructions of the TwistMeister are divided into three parts. An extra hint indicates that this is a Tool for private use is what some interested parties are sometimes unaware of when buying tools.

In addition, there is a booklet with general safety instructions, which follows the quality characteristics of the actual operating instructions. Unnecessary space is not given away, because everyone can decide for themselves which part is important and should be lifted.

Sufficient accessories for the first use

The world novelty of the Westfalia TwistMeister im: TwistMeister

Fanny pack

The basic equipment of the TwistMeister includes not only the belt bag but also a Basic equipment for bits and sockets.

Included accessories:

  • Phillips: PH0, PH1, PH2, PZ0, PZ1, PZ2
  • Slot: SL3, SL4, SL5
  • Torx: T10, T15, T20
  • Hexagon socket: Allen key 2.5 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm
  • Socket wrench (nut): 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm
  • Magnetic bit holder
  • Nylon belt pouch

All Bits are safely stored on and in the belt pouch and thus ensure a flexible and safe use.

With the Standard sizes of slot, cross and torx bits as well as ever three Allen and socket wrench inserts has created a good basis for carrying out most of the work. Also interesting is the size of the bit mounts. She is about the same other manufacturers (in the example picture Bosch) and can be exchanged thus.

The Belt bag itself is well made and makes a high-quality impression. The TwistMeister finds one good place and does not fall out even in use, The Attachment by means of metal clip Although ensures a fast attachment, but can be removed when removing the screwdriver from the belt. A belt loop might be helpful in this case.

The world novelty of the Westfalia TwistMeister im: world

Comparison of bit holders from Bosch (top) and Westfalia TwistMeister (bottom)

The world novelty of the Westfalia TwistMeister im: world

Accessories of the set

The world novelty of the Westfalia TwistMeister im: novelty

Safe hold of the bits

The world novelty of the Westfalia TwistMeister im: world

Metal clip of the belt bag

The first impression makes you curious

The world novelty of the Westfalia TwistMeister im: TwistMeister

Can be bent in all directions

Introductory price € 49.99 and later € 59.99, - who expects this price with a cheap discounter screwdriver, should be pleasantly surprised.

With almost half a kilo It is clear that not only plastic was used here. The TwistMeister lies well and with its rubber surfaces absolutely safe in the hand. The Processing works high quality and is much better than expected in the price range. The throttle is different at first, but it is not.

Will the TwistMeister be a normal one? Cordless screwdriver held, it stands out that he use the same leaves. If the head is set in the appropriate direction, he even lets himself like a conventional, but very short cordless screwdriver use.

Who has more feeling in the thumb, can the TwistMeister on Turn desire and operate with your thumb. In both positions is the Speed ​​control in good position and the speed can be adjusted well.

However, it also starts Side play noticeable at the counterwhich sometimes leads to a slight hooking. It can also happen that the direction of rotation switch is inadvertently pressed because it can be operated very easily. With repeated use but a hand position is found and habituated, with the direction of rotation switch is not accidentally adjusted.

The world novelty of the Westfalia TwistMeister im: westfalia

LED lighting with additional battery

What stands out is the LED work lamp. With normal screwdrivers meanwhile quite normal, it is already something special with this screwdriver form and not necessarily usual. Equally special is the design-related integration of an additional battery.

A typical implementation of the built-in battery and the operation of the screwdriver, should be difficult due to the design. A LEDLighting is very helpful, especially in dark corners.

So this implementation is somewhat strange, but certainly not to be despised by the possibility of manual use. Something disadvantageous, however, is the beam angle. Because of this parallel to the screw axis, it does not quite hit the bit or the screw. The work area is nevertheless well lit.

Unfortunately not lit is a battery indicator, which should be available especially with permanently installed batteries. If the battery can not be changed to ensure continuous working, a battery gauge helps to get to work with enough power reserves.

It is comforting for that Charging time of a maximum of one hour and the security of being able to recharge a Li-ion battery without sacrificing performance.

The world novelty of the Westfalia TwistMeister im: westfalia

A red LED indicates the charge of the battery

The battery is charged via a external power supply, which is signaled by a red LED on the device. If the LED goes out, the TwistMeister is fully charged and should be disconnected from the power supply after five hours the battery could be damaged, So at least the hint in the manual. Here was obviously to reduce costs to one automatic shutdown is omitted.

As well was dispensed with ventilation slots in the housing, whereby no dirt can penetrate. Whether this is an advantage or the TwistMeister sweats quickly, the practice test will show in continuous running.

Practical test - it works

The world novelty of the Westfalia TwistMeister im: novelty

Lock button for turning function

We start the practice test a bit unusual with an endurance run by the screwdriver, The missing vents finally make you curious. With a full battery and a screw clamp, the TwistMeister is brought up to speed and observed. After five minutes it gets a little warm and it smells like new tools.

Not disturbing, not biting and not smelly technique. So everything is fine. Five minutes later, he is already much warmer, but still leaves hold easily and has no drawbacks on.

After a total of 15 minutes, the test is stopped again because no big changes Show more and here a typical use has been clearly exceeded.

The heat in the TwistMeister has widened and is now more noticeable, a heat problem is not visible and it should never come after this test during operation.

Incidentally, the TwistMeister needed a recharge time of 20 minutes after the endurance run of 15 minutes. Accordingly, he would certainly have sustained 15 minutes in the endurance run.

Was also tested the specified Speed ​​of 175 min-1, Which is absolutely given and does not decrease too much under normal load. Still, she might like to be a little bit higher. Technically, there is nothing to complain about here.

The kink function on the two joints works great. Although it shows snapped some game, but that does not affect the use and makes it easier to find the locking position.

Something Hakeliger is the lower lock to lock the rotary functionbecause it is not so easy to reach. However, the head is rarely twisted and so can get along well with it.

Importantly, the TwistMeister offers a good grip in every position and probably gives the user more grip than needed for screwing. He even used it as a lever for screwing (ratchet). Please do not imitate, a cordless screwdriver and the TwistMeister is not intended.

Powerful and compact says Westfalia

The world novelty of the Westfalia TwistMeister im: TwistMeister


In addition to the quality of workmanship we achieve another surprise. The TwistMeister is with a Power of 5 Nm specifiedwhich seems very little at first. For comparison: The most well-known small screwdriver maximum 4.5 Nm are given, so that he indeed a screw of 4.5 x 120 mm sunk, but already failed after 2 cm on a screw of size 5 x 100 mm.

The world novelty of the Westfalia TwistMeister im: novelty


The Westfalia TwistMeister also brought the thicker screw completely into the wood. The space requirement over the screw is just 6 cm. Probably nobody will do that fast.

Of course, there are screwdrivers with significantly more power, but it must not be forgotten that the power of the TwistMeister over two joints is transmitted and more power even larger gears needed, which makes a screwdriver bigger and more inflexible.

When TwistMeister is found a good mediocrity, what hflexible and flexible, but also with enough power equip.

Conclusion for the Westfalia TwistMeister

The TwistMeister from Westfalia convinced with an enormous mobility and a very good handling.

The world novelty of the Westfalia TwistMeister im: westfalia

He is perfect for Screws in tight places and brings with it enough power.

little one Weak points, such as the missing battery indicator or the non-existent charge current cut-off, could still be revised.

All in all, the TwistMeister is a solid device that does not promise too much. Westfalia surprises here with a good idea, one great implementation and an unexpectedly high quality.

Even if there is a star deduction for small improvement possibilities, the TwistMeister is one absolute price / performance winner.

For around 60 € can not be expected. Compared to many other tools, Westfalia offers for little more than expected, An opponent for the TwistMeister with its possible applications has yet to be found.

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