Construct a bar table with a handy beer crate

Thanks to the standardized and very similar size of a beer crate, a high table with an integrated user-friendly access compartment is an attractive option. Fun and efficiency are achieved in most constructions by means of a tabletop open in the middle. From the frame results in a kind of rotating counter.

Substructure of stacked beer crates

For parties far beyond the stackable beer crates offer as a temporary table and seating furniture. However, if a real piece of furniture is desired, at least a self-built table top is required. In the simplest construction method, the table top can be designed to be placed on a beer crate tower.

Round and oval tabletop shapes are recommended for standing and ease of use. In order to achieve sufficient stability when placed, the table top should have a sub-mounted frame. The frame can be placed on the top beer crate like a hat brim. With sufficient depth of the frame of at least ten centimeters creates sufficient stability, sitting and lying stability.

Subtop construction made of wood

If you want to build a bar table yourself, which consists of wood and one or more beer crates storage places, builds a suitable framework under the table top. Individual wooden boards of a disassembled pallet are suitable as building material.

The classic way is to place the beer crate in the middle of the table top. Under the table top a Aufstellrahmen must be created for it. With scissor-type folding constructions, two transverse boards are sufficient, which are fastened between the two parabolic table legs. However, they must be solvable on one side, for example by a hooking mechanism to ensure the folding.

Assembly and removal

One challenge lies in simply refilling or replacing the beer crates. Here two properties have to be connected. The full beer crate must be securely locked while maintaining a secure hold. This claim can be implemented well by a Schlotähnlichen frame construction. A stacked in the middle of the beer crate tower provides stability and supplies replenishment by switching ready.

Whether the bar table can be used without beer crates is decisive, the massiveness of the construction decides. In general, it is recommended to design the structure so that the table is also "empty" operational. If the beer access from above can be dispensed with, a Bierkasteneinschubfach in the middle table foot helps. Beveled storage facilitates access to the bottles.

Cooling is more expensive

A bar table with a beer crate can be topped off with a cooling device that gives the juice in a pleasant drinking temperature. To protect a pre-cooled box from heating up too quickly, the setting device can be knocked out with aluminum foil.

More elaborate is a real cooler. Instead of adjustment, for example, a baby bath can be mounted under the table top, which serves as an ice bucket for individually inserted beer bottles.

Tips & Tricks

If you are looking for a tabletop with a recess, use the cutout as a lid. If necessary, you can convert your bar table to a continuous floor space with just one hand.

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