Wreath tinker for Valentine's Day

Romantic valentines from flowers or colorful paper

Wreath tinker for Valentine's Day: Tinker

With a homemade wreath you make yours Sweetheart or sweetheart a special joy for Valentine's Day.

A heart wreath on the doors of the house and on the apartments gives the visitors a warm welcome, adorns the room or serves as a romantic table decoration.

You can make a romantic wreath for Valentine's Day from different materials, so you can elaborate Make heart wreaths from different flowers or put rosaries.

With our instructions you also make elaborate Valentine's wreaths from the partner's favorite flowerss.

Anyone looking for a Valentine's gift at the last minute, will find here a simple craft idea for a last-minute Valentine's wreath of colorful paper or fabric hearts.

Making a flower wreath for Valentine's Day

Make this romantic wreath for Valentine's Day Boxwood branches, roses, carnations, Santinis and daisies, In addition to the flowers of your choice you need the following:

  • Heart-shaped wreath blank, made of sturdy wire, for example
  • Three wide and two narrow, white bow ribbons
  • floral wire
  • Small secateurs

Start with the boxwood branches on the to shorten the correct length, Place a branch around the blank and fix it with a piece of flower wire.

Tip: Start at the Pointed side of the heart wreath and lead the boxwood branch around the bow of the heart.

Fix in between with flower wire. Then attach to the same way more branchesuntil the wire frame of the blank is no longer visible.

To cover up the last bald spots, stick thinner boxwood twigs between the other branches of the wreath.

As soon as there is no bald spot left, decorate the Valentine's wreath with any flowers, For this kshorten the stems and remove the leaves.

Push the roses, carnations and others Flowers between the boxwood branchesthat only the flower heads stay visible. For example, you can decorate the heart arches with white Santinis. Pink roses add color accents.

The two tips of the Valentine's heart shape with orange, red or yellow carnations. Of course you are free any type of flower to use.

Finally, you bind with narrow ribbon two small loops to the wreath. For attachment serves wide loop band that is wrapped around the heart bows and the top.

You can give this romantic wreath for Valentine's Day, hang it on the door or use it as a romantic table decoration.

Tinker rosary as Valentine's gift

Wreath tinker for Valentine's Day: Valentine

With white, pink and red roses make a romantic Valentine's wreath.

With white, pink and red roses make a romantic Valentine's Wreath

Who does not want to give his sweetheart a bouquet of roses for Valentine's Day, Surprise her with a self-made wreaththat you can make from these materials yourself:

  • Wreath blank of straw or willow
  • Roses in different colors with leaves
  • floral wire
  • Small secateurs
  • Clear coat or hairspray

First, remove from the Roses all thorns, Place the stalk anywhere on the garland and Carefully wrap the rose around the blank, With flower wire she is attached to him.

After that repeat the steps as long as with more roses until the Most of the blank covered by leaves and rose petals is.

In the next step cut the stem of the roses and put these in the remaining gaps. The flowers should always be clearly visible.

Tip: If the rosary is on the table or hangs on a door, you can neglect the back so that only all visible gaps on the front are filled with blooming roses.

Who wants, can with big roses purposeful accents put. For a longer durability, the Valentine's wreath after the Craft with clear coat or hairspray Spray.

Wreath tinker for Valentine's Day: heart

This sweet Valentine's Wreath is made of colorful paper hearts

Crafting instructions for a Valentine's Wreath of paper

For the door wreath will Craft cardboard, corrugated cardboard or cardboard in various shades of red and pink as well as one white bow cardboard needed for the larger heart in the middle.

You need 14 colored hearts and a white heart.

First, the two templates for the hearts are cut out of plain paper.

To get a smooth heart, you simply fold the paper in the middle and cuts at the kink half a heart (about 6 cm high) out. The larger heart should be about 8 inches high his.

Now you transfer the heart to the craft cardboard and cut it out in the desired number.

Merge the hearts in a circle; while the color sequence vary, Then you glue the hearts together.

Finally, the wA heart with a piece of bast at the top attached to the middle heart and inscribed with the message of love.

Crafting instructions for a valentine's wreath with fabric roses

Wreath tinker for Valentine's Day: Tinker

The roses are made of red cloth spirals.

With this crafting guide, you can create one in just a few steps individual valentines day wreath with red roses, which you artfully twist together and fasten out of scraps.

Everything you need for this crafting tutorial you can find in the household.

Craft materials:

  • old red fabric remnants, such as a sweater or fabric panels (like different red shades)
  • solid cardboard
  • red color (optional, if the cardboard is brown or there is only a small amount of fabric available)
  • Scissors & pin
  • hot glue

Tinker heart shape

Wreath tinker for Valentine's Day: wreath

Glue the roses on the prepared heart wreath.

Draw with the Pin a heart in the desired size on the cardboard.

Next, paint a slightly smaller heart to create a border area to which you can later glue the roses - we recommend to plan at least 4 cm.

Wreath tinker for Valentine's Day: wreath

The end result: The Valentine's Day wreath with red fabric roses hangs on the doorstep.

Now cut that big and small heart out and put the heart-shaped cardboard template on the red fabric, to string her.

For this you draw with a 1 cm wide the two hearts to, cut out the fabric, tighten it around the cardboard and glue it firmly.

This does not have to be very neat - the main thing, man does not recognize the dark cardboard at first glance.

tip: Small cuts help with cornering.

Alternatively, you can choose the thick one Cardboard also directly in the color red buy or paint with water color or residues of red wall paint.

This step is important because the Roses may not complete the cardboard laterCovering - so you achieve a better result. Let them Dry the paint wellbefore sticking the roses in the next step.

Tinker fabric roses

Cut for the roses different sized material circles off and cut into a spiral shape, Turn the spiral in and glue it End point with hot glue firmly.

Prepare several roses in this way before you glue the roses to the heart and stop the roses at firstto be able to judge the effect.

Finally glue two to three roses next to each otherto cover the coronary as completely as possible.

Vary also big and small roses for more structure and use different fabric colors, such as light and dark red.

Finally, take one transparent thread (eg fishing line) at the top through the cardboard and attach the finished Valentine's wreath to the front door.

53 roses were needed for this example - if your template is smaller, you save time and effort.

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