Yellow spots on the wall? This wall paint helps against nicotine

In smoker's flats, nicotine settles on the walls over time and shows up in ugly, yellowish spots. Anyone who thinks that he could simply paint over the so-maligned walls with normal color, is wrong: the nicotine usually fails again after some time! However, you do not have to be satisfied with that, a special wall paint can help.

The nicotine barrier: wall paint for smoking apartments

Regular emulsion paints from the hardware store contain water as a solvent - and nicotine is unfortunately also water-soluble. The deposits mix with each color of the paint used, it does not matter how many layers you apply.

This is not the case with the nicotine barrier, it does not allow the yellowish substance to migrate and also suppresses the typical smell. So the room in question becomes really clean and comfortable again!

This is how the wall paint works against nicotine

Unfortunately, the nicotine barrier costs more than a normal emulsion paint, moreover, it is not an end coat. Rather, it forms the basis for a new wall paint, a decorative plaster or wallpapering. To use this color type:

  • Paint the nicotine barrier for plaster or plaster.
  • Remove any wallpaper or wallpaper leftovers.
  • If the plaster is sanding, treat the surface with a base.
  • Paint especially intense stains with a brush.
  • Allow these areas to dry before moving on.
  • Paint the entire wall as usual with brush and roller.
  • Maintain the prescribed drying time.
  • Now you can paint or wallpaper the anti-nicotine wall paint as you like.

The subsequent effect pleases smokers as well as non-smokers: It results in a flawless area without those annoying yellow spots! In the next step, if possible, it is advisable to go outside to smoke, otherwise the same problem arises over time.

Tips & Tricks

Isolated nicotine stains can also be easily isolated with a solvent-based paint; the same applies to persistent water stains.

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