Yew wood - what price is required?

The price of yew wood is considered by many to be too high. What you have to pay for lumber, what are the price differences, and how expensive yew wood is in comparison to other types of wood, you will learn in detail in this post.

Prices for yew wood

Yew wood is often hard to find in commerce. The prices are usually for yew wood as lumber in the range of about 3,700 and 4,000 EUR per m³. This is - especially for a coniferous wood - but relatively expensive: oak wood, our highest quality hardwood costs even in the highest quality in the trade less than half.

Reasons for the high price

Yews are one of the hardest conifers in our latitudes. They are not only hard, but also very elastic, which gives them excellent machinability. Also for carving and turning is yew wood very popular. The yew wood can also be polished to a high gloss, making it particularly suitable as a veneer. At the same time, the yew is already so rare that it is already wild under conservation. The special rarity of the wood increases the price even more.

Adequacy of the price

Designating yew wood as "overpriced" is unlikely to apply. It is a very high quality, hard wood with good properties and a very high quality look, which is still rare. In terms of price, yew wood is approximately at the level of wenge or mahogany. This can be largely considered as appropriate, even if other valuable domestic woods, such as pearwood cost about half.

Yew wood veneer

The veneer sold today comes mainly from England, where the yew is not under nature conservation as in Germany, as it occurs there even more often. As a rule, you can expect prices of between 2,000 and 3,000 EUR per cubic meter (solid meter) for these veneer goods with good qualities in the thickness classes of 30 - 40 cm. Very high quality veneers can cost 50 EUR per m².

Tips & Tricks

Yew wood is great if you want to make a bow yourself, it has been the traditional - and most suitable - wood for bow making since time immemorial. Even if you want to make a particularly high-quality carving, yew wood would be a good choice.

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