Make yogurt, cheese and butter yourself

Make yogurt, cheese and butter yourself: make

Dairy products are part of our daily needs. Whether yoghurt, cheese or butter: All products are made from milk and have a high nutrient content. Calcium for strong bones and vitamin B2 contributes to a controlled metabolism.

But not every product in the supermarket contains the desired ingredients. Hidden fats and sugars harm the body over time and can cause obesity.

The healthiest and cheapest products are those you make yourself. There you know the exact ingredients and can decide for yourself which ingredients are suitable for you.

With the recipes collected here, you make yogurt, cheese or butter yourself.

Table of contents about making yoghurt, cheese and butter yourself

  • Make yogurt yourself
  • Make cheese yourself
  • Video tutorial: Making cheese
  • Make butter yourself

Further recipes and instructions provide the following pages:

Make ice cream and ice cream yourself

Make popcorn and cotton candy yourself

Make sweets yourself

Cheese fondue recipe

Make yogurt yourself

Make yogurt yourself

home-made yoghurt - a child-friendly preparation for the whole family


Make yogurt with a yoghurt maker and ferment. - A step-by-step guide
at avogel

Yoghurt bomb

Serve yogurt bomb for dessert or dessert - A delicious recipe for the whole family

Mocca yogurt

A great recipe for mocha yogurt with caramel sauce to make yourself
at foolforfood


Simply make yoghurt with and without yoghurt preparation - 2 recipes
at istfit

Make yogurt

Make yoghurt from yoghurt cultures yourself. An exact recipe from Jean Pütz with good additional information. - Also tolerable with lactose intolerance.
at jean-puetz-products

Probiotic yogurt

How to make a probiotic yogurt yourself - Extensive recipe
at karl-heinz-herrmann

Make yogurt yourself

Recipe and practical tips to make yogurt yourself.


Make yogurt yourself. A step by step guide that is also suitable for people with eczema.

Yogurt from milk

Making yoghurt with milk, fermenting in a yoghurt machine. An illustrated recipe with a detailed description
at wok-is-a-deep-asian-pan

Make cheese yourself

soft cheese

Making soft cheese yourself - simple recipe for connoisseurs
at GoMeal


Make mozzarella yourself with this detailed step-by-step recipe and pictures
at expli

cream cheese

Cream cheese you can easily make yourself. With this little recipe and delicious tips
at kitchen tips

feta cheese

Recipes and instructions to make many different cheeses: sheep's cheese, mozzarella, cheese, ricotta, goat's cheese, pickled cheese, camenbert and Bierkas
at recipe collection

Mozzarella cheese

Mozzarella with the simplest means to make yourself - Illustrated, detailed instructions
in call-the-wild


Recipe for Camenbert with Lab tablet

Make cheese

Detailed basics and information on cheese production with tips on the different cheese types
at Wikipedia

Video tutorial: Making cheese

Make butter yourself


Make butter yourself. - Pictures, tips and instructions
at Barbara's Spielwiese

Wild Garlic butter

With this recipe you make spicy wild garlic butter yourself - it tastes great with grilled meats, sausages and baked potatoes
at Treffpunkt-Ostsee

Fast herb butter

Simple and quick recipe for homemade herb butter
at Treffpunkt-Ostsee

Herb butter

An original French recipe for cafe-de-Paris butter

Garlic Butter

Recipe for homemade garlic butter with grilled meats and hearty meat dishes
at garlic butter.Owned

Making herbal butter yourself

Recipe for homemade herb butter
in the success-law

Make butter yourself

A simple recipe guide with pictures to make butter yourself
at foolforfood

Make butter

A detailed step-by-step guide to making butter with children
at Waldorf Idea Pool

Make butter

Making butter, how does it work? The "knowledge makes Ah!" Video explains it. With free instructions as PDF for download

salted butter

Make fresh butter or salt butter yourself - recipe for butter and salt butter from our own production
at wunderkessel

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Video Board: Blue Berry Cheese Cake (Homemade Yogurt)