Is it possible to build a prefab house on a hillside?

If you are interested in a prefabricated house, you have probably already considered the advantages. This includes the ability to be built on slopes and uneven terrain. Why this is so and what you should pay attention, you will learn in the following article.

Have the property inspected

Even small signs on or near the property may indicate that it is not buildable. In many cases, these are small cracks that run across the slope; they indicate earth movements.
In any case, a soil survey, which can also detect other shortcomings: Are it filled up slopes of former deposits such as landfills? Then the ground could sink later.

Why is the prefab house so good?

Prefabricated houses are fundamentally lighter in their nature than massive buildings. This not only facilitates the construction phase on a slope, since not such a stable foundation is needed, but also less burden on the ground. Therefore, it does not have to have as much strength as if a massive house were built there; the choice of land is therefore greater.

Is it possible to build a prefab house on a hillside?: hillside

Apart from that, the hillside construction offers another advantage: it is usually associated with a good view, which further improves the living quality of the later house.

What else do I need to keep in mind?

The sun's orientation plays an even more important role than on ground-level plots: facing south, you have sunshine in the house during the day, but never in the north. When facing west or east, a renunciation of morning or evening sun is necessary.

In addition, you should note that the property must also be prepared in prefabricated houses: The earthworks are sometimes much more expensive than flat plots, which of course also increases the cost. In general, however, this effort is lower due to the prefabricated construction.

When building your prefab house into the hillside, there is a practical advantage: The insulation is improved, which in turn saves on the insulation material. However, the development costs are usually higher on uneven land.

Tips & Tricks

You see: a prefabricated house on a hillside offers both unbeatable advantages and disadvantages. Consider your personal situation and decide if a hillside house is right for you.

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