Can you also build a prefabricated house as a half-timbered house?

The modern prefabricated house industry is characterized by a large number of available types, including the half-timbered house. In this article, you will learn how to build this classically elegant construction using state-of-the-art equipment and why prefabricated construction is particularly suitable for this purpose.

A form of wooden stand construction

In principle, the half-timbered house is nothing more than a house with visible timber beams on which the entire construction is based. This so-called wooden stand construction is characterized by a particularly high degree of stability and lasting quality. So your new half-timbered house is not only a visual eye-catcher, but also extremely practical.

The framework - a stylish design

Who thinks that the half-timbered house is an old, even run-down style, is wrong. The exposed wooden beams do not emit the functionality of the past, as they did in earlier times; instead they are the expression of a stylish house that stands out from the crowd. Depending on the environment, it even fits perfectly into the neighborhood.

Can you also build a prefabricated house as a half-timbered house?: build

The wooden beams of a half-timbered house, visible in the interior, exude a cozy atmosphere and create a warm ambience, in the classic style of the past centuries. As you can see, both outside and inside, the half-timbered house is a serious recommendation for people who like classic looks and who do not like modern styles of architecture.

Possibilities in prefabrication

The modern prefabricated construction is the ideal construction method for half-timbered houses: The wooden beams can not only be precisely processed, but also fitted accurately and quickly. This is because the half-timbered house is very similar to the skeleton or frame construction of "normal" prefabricated houses.

However, if you want to emphasize the timbered style only outside, but not in the interior, an exterior design in half-timbered style is possible. If necessary, your home fits better into the environment in this way and gives you all the possibilities of free design in the interior.

But also in prefabricated construction applies: timber frame is not the same half timbered. The design options in half-timbered houses are at least as great as in other types. It is precisely because of the increasing individuality in prefabricated buildings, completely new houses can arise.


The following overview summarizes the information about the topic half-timbered house:

  • Truss is based on wood beams, which ensure stability and durability.
  • Both inside and outside a stylish, classic design that sets itself apart from modern architectural styles.
  • Prefabrication expands the possibilities of the framework by faster assembly, higher precision and a variety of new design options.

Tips & Tricks

When planning your new prefabricated house, think about the advantages and disadvantages of the respective architectural styles. Sometimes it is also interesting not to opt for the environment, as long as the respective building permits. In any case, your home should suit you and your needs.

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