Can you do the drywall yourself?

Doing drywall walls or ceilings yourself is not a problem - in most cases you can even do it on your own as a craftsman. Help is of course never wrong, two additional hands make the whole endeavor usually less complicated. For a good result, careful planning in advance, use of the right material in the right place and the right tool are of paramount importance. Careful work with frequent use of a spirit level is also important.

Precise planning in advance is required

Whether it's a ceiling construction, a freestanding partition wall or a facing formwork of the walls during loft conversions: drawing a plan in advance is never wrong. In addition, it is usually easier to calculate the material requirements from a plan, and nothing important is forgotten. A list with the necessary materials but also the necessary tools for the project is also a good recommendation - this ensures that everything is in order when the work starts. This saves valuable time while working. Also, writing down the steps in a row has proven itself in self-construction projects - so you always see what you're at, how much you still have, and what you should do next. Of course, with some experience you have that in mind, and forget that - but just for starters, such a "work plan" can often be a valuable help.

Follow the common practice

Some things are done in a dry way in a very specific way - and that has its purpose. Such quasi-rules are the result of years of experience of professional craftsmen and you should absolutely stick to them. Ostracizing something, or doing it the other way because it's quicker, can have dangerous consequences. Either the quality of work suffers, or your own safety. Both are a bad thing. In addition, you should really only use suitable materials. Grouting with column gypsum or tie-downs goes in principle - but it is laborious and the danger of producing cracks or unsightly bumps afterwards is just great. Grout filler is a bit more expensive - but not wrong. Whoever heeds all this advice, even as a non-drywall professional will be able to complete his project clean, fast and perfect.

Can you do the drywall yourself?: drywall

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