Can you make a paint blanket yourself?

Your ceiling should look classy and neat, without having to repaint it after a few years? In this case, the installation of a paint-tensioning blanket is recommended, which should be cleaned at most in between, but otherwise requires no special care. Can such a blanket be made by hand - or do you need expert craftsmen for it?

To assemble a paint clamping blanket yourself: how does it work?

If you would like to make your paint blanket yourself, then we recommend that you get a detailed installation manual from the respective manufacturer. In principle, there is nothing wrong with assuming the installation yourself if you pay attention to the most important points.

First of all, you screw on the retaining profiles, which serve as a substructure for the paint tension ceiling. The minimum suspension height is about 1.5 cm, but with integrated lights you have to take a few centimeters more distance. Then it's time to tension the ceiling foil:

  • Attach the stretch ceiling foil to the upper corners of the room with special brackets
  • then heat room air and foil to 40 degrees using a fan heater
  • then press the foil into the holding profiles all around with special spatula
  • Cut holes for the lighting
  • Attach reinforcement frame and mount lighting

For professionals, these things look pretty simple, but it's better to bring some patience and calm to get a really appealing result. We also recommend bringing at least one other employee on board.

In which rooms can I make a lacquer ceiling myself?

The paint-tension ceiling is basically suitable for all rooms of an inhabited house, from the living room or the bedroom to the bathroom and kitchen. Even a private swimming pool can be equipped with this ceiling variant.

The material of a Lackspanndecke is completely waterproof, but in wet rooms you should already make sure that there are no water-sensitive materials on the underlying old ceiling: otherwise threatened mold!

Tips & Tricks

Also, be sure to install your self-made paint-tensioning blanket only in rooms where the air temperature never drops below - 5 degrees Celsius. Because at too low temperatures, the stretch ceiling film is brittle and can tear.

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