Is it possible to spray silicate paint on walls and ceilings?

Silicate paints have a particularly good reputation as environmentally and health-friendly paints. They let the walls breathe and consist of natural ingredients of mineral origin. Normally you should apply this type of paint with the roller or the brush, but for large areas many a do-it-yourselfer touts with the airless gun. Is it allowed to spray silicate paint at all?

What does the instructions for use on the container say?

The first look should go to the instructions for use of the container to find out what the manufacturer says about the different application variants. For most silicate paints, there are "delete" and "roll" marks.

So silicate paints are usually not intended for spraying, but various DIY enthusiasts have already tried to bring the paint with the spray gun on the wall.

How can silicate paint be sprayed?

The paint must have exactly the right consistency to spray it successfully. Too thick material may clog the nozzle or result in a sharply defined spray pattern resulting in streaking.

Use special silicate thinner to slightly dilute your color. Use caution, because liquid material does not cover properly. In order to reach all the distant corners of the ceiling, it is worth using a nozzle extension.

First spray your silicate paint on a sample surface to check for color consistency and spray settings. Also, remember to work in layers horizontally and vertically for even coverage.

Important: Precautions when spraying silicate paint

Silicate paints have a high pH and therefore have an alkaline effect. Protect yourself effectively against chemical burns by taking the following measures:

  • Wear safety glasses.
  • Use a working mouth and nose respiratory protection.
  • Wear gloves when working.
  • Dress best in a full body jumpsuit.
  • Cover all room elements with foil that should not be sprayed.

That's the only way to make sure you do not hurt yourself. However, when the paint dries up, it no longer poses any danger, quite the opposite: pure silicate paints are known to exude no pollutants.

Tips & Tricks

Spray silicate paints only on mineral substrates, on other surfaces this type of paint can not silicify and will not hold properly. Above all, keep glass and tiles from splashes of paint, the alkaline substance could corrode these surfaces.

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