Can you drain a cabinet yourself?

Stubborn paint and paint can be removed with the help of caustic. Is it possible to drain a cabinet by yourself? We'll explain why this is a bad idea and how you can still drain your closet anyway.

Same drain?

In general, it is absolutely not advisable to do so in-house. A lye is a highly corrosive alkaline solution. Therefore, numerous safety precautions must be taken when working with caustic solution:

  • You must wear a protective suit (pants and long-sleeved jacket!).
  • You must wear thick protective gloves (not simple household gloves).
  • Protective goggles are essential so that the lye can not splash into your eyes.
  • A special breathing mask to protect against the toxic fumes.

The dangers of alkalis

With caustic solutions with lye there is the problem that you may not notice them at first. If alkali penetrates the hand through a small hole in the glove, the result is a soapy feeling. Only later can you recognize the stains on the skin, the chemical burns, which leads to the killing of the upper skin cells and deep, painful wounds result.
When the etching is stirred in, too rapid heating may cause an explosion. In this case, severe, large-scale burns can be the result, especially on the face.
Another danger are splashes on the face. These etches immediately. Even professionals have to stand in the immediate vicinity of a bucket of water to wash off any spills immediately.
Also, the vapors that arise during the leaching are dangerous and can lead to severe lung diseases. Therefore, a special mask must be worn during the leaching process.

Why is leaching anyway?

Of course, working with lye has advantages despite the high health risk, otherwise nobody would do that. The lye reliably removes all paint and varnish layers on the cabinet, down to the smallest cracks. This is particularly advantageous for fine ornaments that are difficult or insufficient to clean with other methods.

Where can you drain?

The safe and best alternative to leaching are special Ablaugcenter. Here you hand over your cupboard and it is professionally leached by professionals. If the cabinet is glued, it should not be completely bathed in caustic, otherwise the gluing will be damaged. In this case, please ask how the cabinet is being drained and, if necessary, point out the glueing.

Tips & Tricks

Lye is particularly suitable for the leaching of cabinets made of spruce and pine. Other woods may cause discoloration.
Alternatively, at home, you can try removing the paint first. How to do that, we explain step by step in this article: Picking the cabinet.

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