You have lost your key? These costs are coming to you!

If you have lost a key for your house or apartment door, the resulting costs depend on whether a second key is present and whether the lock belongs to a larger locking system.

Expensive locksmith

A reputable locksmith will cost you about € 150 at normal working hours, and best agree the price on the phone among witnesses. At the weekend, it can be considerably more expensive.

Replace lost key with a new one

If you still come into the apartment with your spare key, you may be able to easily duplicate a new key. This costs about 7 to 15 EUR for a simple lock without a special safety device.

A security key, however, can only apply for the authorized person at the lock manufacturer, which costs about 20 to 30 EUR.

Prevention of burglary

A lost key can quickly fall into the wrong hands! If there is a possibility that potential burglars will not only get your apartment key, but also their address, you should take urgent care.

If a security-relevant, mechanical master key has been lost, then the person in charge generally exchanges the entire locking system. That can cost over 10,000 EUR for a larger building.

If only one lock cylinder is affected, you may be able to replace it with your own hands. Then you pay about 15 to 70 EUR for the cylinder, plus about 4 to 15 EUR for each key.

Concrete prices for locksmith and new lock

A front door key of a detached house has been lost, the spare key is hanging in the wardrobe. The homeowner orders a locksmith who opens the door and installs a new lock.

Cost overviewprice
1. Locksmith160 EUR
2nd lock cylinder45 EUR
3. 3 new front door keys35 EUR
total240 EUR

Locksmiths avoid the weekend

Even serious locksmiths take on the weekend a high markup. Maybe you can stay with friends for a short time instead of ordering the specialist on Monday.

Tips & Tricks

If possible, store a duplicate key with friends or relatives nearby!

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