Your bed is causing you back pain: Causes & Measures

Do you often wake up with back pain early? Stress or incorrect sitting or standing may be the cause. But even the bed can be blamed for your back pain. Read exactly where the causes lie and how to fix them.

Depending on the nature of your bed, there may be different reasons for your back pain. Below you will find out when slatted frames, boxspring beds and waterbeds can endanger your back and what you can do about it.


If you have a conventional bed frame with a slatted frame, the cause of your back pain can be easily corrected. Of course, this only applies if the slatted frame is to blame for your back pain and not an extra mattress.
Three different problems can be the reason for back pain:

  • Slatted frames almost always have hardness regulators that can be individually adjusted. How to set your own personal optimal hardness, you can find out here.
  • If your slatted base does not have such hardness controllers, you can also retrofit them. You can do that even if individual slats are worn out. This happens especially in the places that need to carry more weight, such as in the pelvic area.
  • Last but not least, a broken latte can be the cause of back pain. Here we explain how you can proceed then.


If you get back pain on your box spring bed, the mattress is probably too soft. Box spring beds are available in different degrees of hardness, ranging from very soft (1) to very hard (5). However, these are not standardized, so beds of different brands and the same hardness number can be quite different in hardness. Therefore, it is important that you have enough sample before you buy to get the right level of hardness.
The mattresses also wear out over time, creating a kind of coolness in the bed. This too is very damaging to the back and can cause pain. Unfortunately, in this case, and even if the mattress is too soft, you can not do much: A new mattress must come from.

water bed

If your waterbed causes you back pain, it's because of the wrong amount of fill: If there's too little or too much water in the mattress, the spine is not straight, which can cause pain in the back and shoulders. Here's how to set your waterbed properly so it's easy on your back.

Tips & Tricks

If your bed causes you back pain, it is almost always too soft. Therefore, pay particular attention to the right degree of hardness when buying.

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