Set up Ytong Wall - that's how it works

Especially for DIY enthusiasts, Ytong bricks are a very easy and time-saving way to build small walls or partitions. What to look out for, and how to do it properly, read extensively in this post.

Advantages of gas concrete blocks

Concrete blocks (or aerated concrete blocks, trade name "Ytong") are a very easily and efficiently calcified stone type. Above all, they offer the following advantages:

  • low weight, which means that even large formats can be easily processed and transported
  • many different layouts
  • Masonry with thin-bed mortar possible (lower mortar consumption, low joint thickness so that good heat protection)
  • very good thermal insulation properties
  • fast construction progress
  • Less chance of error compared to the bricking of bricks in the dressing
  • economical

Always pay attention to the walls

Always pay attention to the following points when logging:

  • Substrate preparation and alignment
  • Use mortar carriage
  • correct mortar consistency
  • Always check alignment

Set up Ytong Wall - that's how it works: wall

Substrate preparation and alignment

Always make sure that the surface on which you are walling (especially in the walls of partitions indoors) is sufficiently stable and completely level. Below the wall is always a seal (about with a bituminous membrane) provided. Then there is a sufficiently thick layer of mortar on which the first row of stones can be aligned.

Especially when working with plan stones, the exact alignment of the first row of stones is particularly important and must be very precise. Check here really every single stone with the spirit level and work very accurately.

Errors arising here can not be corrected later - especially when using plan stones - and mercilessly continue over the entire wall. This can also endanger the load-bearing capacity of the entire wall. The higher the wall, the more the "error effect" affects the load capacity.

Use mortar carriage

Especially as a less experienced home improvement you should definitely use a so-called mortar sled. Such slides are available for any wall thickness and any desired mortar thickness, some slides are also adjustable.

A mortar carriage not only ensures significantly faster work progress but above all ensures a very exact layer thickness at all points during mortar application. This is very important when laying Ytong bricks, especially if you are working with plan stones!

Proper mortar consistency

Especially when using thin-bed mortars, the correct mortar consistency is very critical. Already during the production of the mortar, attention should be paid to stirring with the slowest possible speed and avoiding trapped air.

Tips & Tricks

Whether the mortar is right, you can easily check with a toothed spatula. Pull through a piece of mortar and look at the strips. Run towards each other, the mortar is too soft. Then the stones do not hold properly!

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