Zinc gutter soldering

Although the gutter made of zinc is now more of a discontinued product, as other materials such as plastic or copper are more popular as a gutter, even zinc gutters are still used. This is accompanied by the need to solder the individual channel elements together. With skill and experience in soldering can also do the home improvement.

Soldering a gutter made of zinc or copper is demanding work

If you have no experience in soldering, you should not solder your zinc gutter yourself. Also keep in mind that you have to work at roof level, which is not for everyone. On the other hand, you can save money if you lend a hand. Therefore, the right tool is also important. You will not get far with a conventional soldering iron. Instead, you need a blowtorch.

Step-by-step instructions for brazing a zinc gutter

  • solder
  • flux
  • Gas for the blowtorch
  • blowtorch
  • Brush, acid-resistant
  • Work gloves, heat and fire resistant
  • foremen
  • wire brush

1. Preparatory work

Make the required tool and position the ladder. If necessary, it may be important for someone to hold the ladder for you, so you can really concentrate on brazing the zinc gutter.

2. Prepare the solder joint

Now you have to prepare the solder joint yourself first. Remove soiling with a hand brush. With a wire brush, you can solve stuck dirt. But make sure that there is no dirt under the overlapping gutter.

Now paint the overlap well with the flux. This is a hydrochloric acid compound which cleans the surface metallically.

3. The soldering of the zinc gutter

To solder the gutter, you not only need to heat the tin rod, but also the seam or overlap must be brought to the correct working temperature. However, the problem is, especially for beginners, that the thin zinc sheet burns out quickly if it gets too hot. However, if it is not at optimal working temperature and too cool, you will also not get a satisfactory soldering seam.

Your skill is thus characterized by heating the zinc trough to the correct temperature and at the same time melting the solder. When the tin drips onto the heated zinc sheet at the overlap, it naturally pulls in between the two overlapping trough elements. Using the same procedure, you are now tying seam for seam.

After the braze has cooled down, run plenty of water through the gutter and over the connection to test that everything is tight. If not, you must repeat the entire process. Heating the zinc sheet from the outside is definitely not enough.

4. The rework after soldering a zinc gutter

Now you have to remove the flux. Rinse it generously, otherwise the metal here offers the corrosion an attack surface.

Tips & Tricks

If you install the gutter before yourself: use as long as possible gutter parts. This reduces the solder joints and thus the risk of possible leaks.

After the described soldering method, the tin also draws in between the overlaps in standing downpipes. So you can solder the downpipes even if they are already mounted.

Of course, the instructions for soldering a zinc gutter are also suitable for tinning a copper gutter.

If you want to professionally assemble a [gutter], you will also find numerous articles in the house journal.

Video Board: Soldering a Gutter Seam