Paint zinc plate efficiently

Zinc is a first class corrosion protection outdoors. Therefore, many gutters, garden gates and other outdoor elements are made of zinc sheet and galvanized steel sheets. In principle, zinc sheet does not have to be painted, but some homeowners still want to paint the zinc parts outdoors. For galvanized sheets and zinc sheet, which has been exposed to the weather for a long time, does not necessarily look invitingly beautiful. Following you will find useful tips and information about painting zinc sheet.

Properties of zinc and zinc sheet

Zinc is a non-ferrous metal. If galvanized steel sheet steel, it is optimally protected against corrosion. That is why many galvanized outdoor elements are found around the house.

  • gutters
  • downspouts
  • Waterproofing of penetrations
  • at the flat roof attic
  • Fences and garden gates
  • Garage doors

New zinc sheet or fresh galvanized sheet metal

New zinc sheet can be recognized by the silvery shiny color, in which it shimmers. If you touch new zinc sheet, you will also notice the rough surface. This rough surface makes many do-it-yourselfers think that paints would adhere well to the zinc sheet. But that's a serious mistake. The paint would peel off after a short time - even with primer.

The weather for a long time exposed zinc sheet

The situation is different with weathered zinc sheet. You can tell by the fact that it has now received a rather unsightly greyness. Almost the zinc sheet looks as if it should be painted formally. But this is not the case. The painting of zinc sheet is thus primarily a visual embellishment.

Paint zinc plate

Paint weathered zinc sheet

Nevertheless, there are differences to new zinc sheet. The old weathered zinc sheet can be primed, painted or painted as it is. Use a conventional metal primer that is also approved for zinc sheet. Corresponding instructions can be found on the packaging, at the specialist retailer or directly at the manufacturer.

Paint new zinc sheet

This is offset by freshly galvanized or new zinc sheets. In principle, you have to treat them in a way that artificially imitates weathering. The treatment takes place in a zinc bath, which you can mix yourself. You need different ingredients or ingredients.

  • Ammonia solution (sal ammoniac spirit)
  • water
  • dish soap

The composition is not difficult either. On 20 parts of water is a part of ammonia solution, so proportionately 5 percent ammonia solution (1 liter of water, 0.05 liters of ammonia solution). Now add a few drops of conventional dishwashing detergent.

Rinse the zinc sheet with the solution

Place the mixture in a large enough container to wash the zinc sheet in it. You can also wipe it over the zinc sheet. Be sure to use protective gloves when cleaning the zinc sheet. For cleaning you can use a Scotch Brite sponge.

Priming and painting zinc sheet

After the zinc sheet has dried completely, prime the zinc sheet with the metal primer. When the primer has dried, you can paint the zinc sheet with a suitable varnish. All standard paints with a corresponding release are also suitable for this purpose.

Tips & Tricks

Zinc and copper are chemically incompatible with each other, but are equally installed side by side on the roof. Make sure that you do not accidentally bend the zinc sheet on a copper sheet or vice versa. It creates contact corrosion immediately.

If you do not want to wash new zinc or galvanized sheet steel in an ammonia solution, you can wait until the weathering process is completed naturally. This can take up to a year. Against corrosion but also the non-painted or painted zinc sheet is protected.

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