Zollinger roof - a round thing

Fewest builders know a Zollinger roof. Even less often it is used today in house construction. The Zollinger roof certainly has advantages and offers a lot of space under the roof. But the construction is not easy.

Slat construction allows a lot of space

In a Zollinger roof, there are no rafters or Kehlbalken that stand in the room. Instead, the roof is arched like a barrel roof and the construction is made of a lamella construction.

This design allows particularly large spans without intermediate pillars or crossbeams. In the vast majority of cases, a Zollinger roof is still made entirely of wood even today.

Zollinger roof - a round thing: thing

Many rhombuses form a roof truss

The completely different construction of the Zollinger roof is not easy and the construction also requires a lot of care later. By board and plank pieces, which must be arranged at certain angles with each other, many lozenges, which later wear the roof skin.

The slats are bolted together with a bolt. In the lamella, a special slot-shaped hole must be inserted, so that the bolt is not subject to any transverse load or bending.

Disadvantages of the Zollinger roof

Although the Zollinger roof offers a lot of space and a very nice inner roof. However, on the one hand there is no room for the necessary insulation of this roof form. In addition, the roof truss is maintenance-prone.

The bolts, which hold the lamellae together, must be checked at regular intervals. In addition, the bolts must be tightened constantly, because they can loosen when the wood shrinks over time.

Tips & Tricks

The beautiful construction of the Zollinger roof can be tried out in a garden shed or in a shed. However, this type of construction is no longer suitable for your own house construction because it is already very difficult to insulate the roof.

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